2016 Treasures of the Earth show

Come by this weekend, lots of rocks, gems and jewelry and 3 days of faceting demonstrations.

Creative arts building at the fairground. Hours are: 10 am to 6 pm Friday and Saturday; 10 am to 5 pm Sunday.  20160317_151009

Ernie and Carsten setting up.

3 Replies to “2016 Treasures of the Earth show”

  1. Fantastic show. We got lots of interest and Ernie gave some cutting lessons to our newest member. I spent too much on rough, but that’s what the Costco rebate check is for, right?
    Remember, next meeting is tomorrow at 7pm. See the other post.

  2. A Very Special Thank You to Carsten Brandt and Ernie Hawes for instructing me for my very first Gem faceting experience. With Ernie’s Instruction, and Carston’s support, I was able to create a beautiful Smokey Quarts gem that would take your breath away. This is a fantastic organization, which I highly suggest to anyone remotely interested in learning how to Facet.
    My eternal gratitude for opening up a whole new and interesting world to me and my family.
    “Revealing the Light Within” Ernie Hawes
    I can not thank you enough gentlemen!

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